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Professional bending technology


Bending is a synergy of the machine itself and its operator.

Bending is an important element of sheet metal working. We produce high quality products for our customers.

Bending is an indispensable technology in modern sheet metal machining, in which the part takes shape from the sheet metal.

During the process steps, the stamp tool presses the sheet product into the die tool, thereby suffering permanent deformation. This process requires expertise and precision to produce complex sheet metal parts in large numbers with a cost-effective manner.

Bending machines

Angular and dimensional accuracy is crucial to ensure perfect quality. We pay great attention to the professional knowledge and precise work ethics of our machine operators. Our modern machine fleet guarantees flawless quality to our customers. Thanks to our experienced team of specialists, CAD production preparation and multi-axis control, the precise production of complex sheet metal products is not a problem for us either. CNC bending technology can meet a variety of machining needs, from simple sheet metal machining to more complex, high-precision parts. Our employees receive ongoing training, are hard-working, experienced, and motivated. We think in terms of innovative solutions and keep pace with the ever-changing market and consumer needs. The synergy of state-of-the-art technology and knowledgeable professionals allows us to machine even the most complex geometries to meet the unique needs of our customers.

As part of quality assurance, we also pay close attention to quality control during bending. During in-process inspection, we check the conformity of the required bending angles, lengths and directions.

The most important aspects during bending: material quality, plate thickness, work piece length and angle range. The materials most commonly bent by Luckympex are steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Maximum lenght
Press force
Maximum plate thickness
Controlled machines

The following machines are available for high quality bending:

Machine type Bending lenght Press force Maximum plate thickness
Ermaksan CNC HAP4100 4100 mm 200 to 10 mm
Ermaksan CNC SAP2680 2500 mm 80 to 3 mm
Ermaksan Speed Bend 3100 3100 mm 175 to 8 mm
Ermaksan Power Bend Falcon 4100 mm 250 to 10 mm
Promecan CNC IT2-80-25 2500 mm 80 to 3 mm
Beyeler P160-5100 5100 mm 160 to 6 mm
Ermaksan Power-Bend Pro 2100 mm 60 to 6 mm



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