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Control cabinet assembly

Three decades of experience in the field of control cabinet assembly.

Control cabinet assembly was the first business line of Luckympex, so we can say that our company has three decades of experience in this field. As a qualified supplier in the automotive industry, we play a key role in the field of control cabinet assembly.

This activity is carried out separately from the mechanical assembly, in an independent 2500 m² factory hall, which is equipped with 2 pieces of 3.5 ton bridge cranes for moving large cabinets.

The process is always customer-specific, personalized and perfectly result-oriented. The installation of the control cabinet can be carried out on a contract basis, in which case the customer also provides the mechanical cabinets and the materials to be installed. We have a separate, closed warehouse for the proper storage of foreign goods, so we can ensure the isolated handling of the assembly materials sent by different customers.

Furthermore we have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of control cabinets for individual customer needs. It is also possible to gasket seal the finished cabinets in our own factory to ensure high levels of IP ratings. You can read more about this service here.

Control cabinet assembly Luckympex Metal Works

The static electricity that occurs during the handling and production of electronic products poses serious dangers to the manufactured devices and the components to be installed. Therefore assembly can be carried out at Luckympex in an ESD protected environment to satisfy customer needs.

Why is this important? Unwanted electrostatic charge poses high risk of damage and significant quality issues during the control cabinet assembly process. Sometimes the caused issues remain undetected until hooking up the cabinet to the system retrofitting and repair often cumbersome and costly.

The harmful voltage is most often caused by the friction of the materials or the separation of the contact surfaces. Due to the safe production and handling of products and devices, we considered it important to compile an ESD program and to establish EPA areas.

If required, it is possible to use devices with ESD protection and equip workers with ESD protective clothing. We continuously train our employees in the specifics of working in the field of ESD. We regularly check the condition of tools and equipment used in the EPA area. All this avoids damage due to static charge.

If you are interested in our control cabinet assembly activity, we are at your disposal. Our colleagues help you to define the mechanical and electronic steps of the production process, optimize costs and achieve the highest quality.

Quality is secured by in-process inspections, and a 100% final inspection of all our products including control cabinet assembly. We take this very serious as some of our cabinets operate in high-voltage enviroment. Inferior quality can lead to lethal injuries.

In addition to our cabinet assembly service, we also perform mechanical assembly of various machines. Our wide range of technologies give us the opportunity to to work with our customers on project level.

If the above are combined with our on-site installation capability, our customers are able to get a complete turn-key solution satisfying their every need.

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Control cabinet assembly