Long-lasting surface treatment

    Industrial wet painting: protective coating and aesthetics in one.

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Industrial wet painting

Long-lasting surface treatment

In addition to powder coating, we are capable of providing our customers with industrial wet painting: solvent or water-based. This kind of surface treatment is usually performed plate parts, individual machines and other equipment.

Industrial wet painting has two main purposes. On the one hand, it forms a protective coating on the surface of the workpiece and thus protects it from chemical and physical damage. On the other hand, gives the product an aesthetic look that meets the needs of customers, thereby increasing its value. Our goal is to ensure a flawless coating system in all environments where paint is used.

Industrial wet painting in our own modern multi pupose spray booths.

Our staff with extensive professional experience always agrees with the customer on the exact material, area of ​​use and function of the machine or plate part to be painted. We do this in order to offer the optimal surface treatment process to maximize the needs of our customers. The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction.

In order to ensure the quality and durability we always pay attention to cleaning and degreasing the surface. Degreasing takes place in several steps, during which our colleagues constantly check the chemical properties of the degreasing fluid and correct it by adding additives if necessary. This is followed by drying the product as completely as possible, as the liquid left on the surface can cause a deterioration in the quality of the industrial wet painting finish.

The next technological step in industrial wet painting is priming. Our company has two 6500 * 4000 * 3000 mm upper supply, lower exhaust overpressure painting booths. After sanding out the surface defects that appear on the surface after priming, the multi-layer topcoat is applied.

Luckympex Kft. Has been present in the field of wet painting for more than two decades, among other things we have experience in applying acid and oil resistant paints.

Paints used in wet painting consist of the following components.

  • pigments give the color of the paint layer and provide coverage.
  • binders allow a layer of adequate hardness to form after drying.
  • the function of solvents is to help the paint to become more liquid.
  • additives are chemical substances added to paints in small quantities. They are used to improve the quality of the paint. They can achieve special effects, speed up the drying process, increase dilution, allow coloring, and so on.

We also undertake the application of fire protection coatings within the framework of industrial wet painting. The purpose of fire protection coatings is to protect steel structures from overheating in the event of  fire. At temperatures above 500 ° C, the steel structure can lose its static strength and collapse. The material of the fire protection coating foams under the influence of high heat, and doing so it protects the metal structure from overheating. The protective effect is measured in minutes, different fire protection grade wet paints are offered in our portfolio.

In addition to industrial wet painting, we also of other surface treatment methods like powder coating of parts and machines, about which you can read here.

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Industrial wet painting