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Turning, milling, grinding: all belong to machining

Machining is also part of our complex manufacturing activities, we can perform all technological steps and activities at our premises . This is on the one hand cost-effective and on the other hand makes the production lead time fully predictable in contrast with cooperation.

An essential feature of machining is the removal of excess material from the preform in the form of chips using a suitable tool. In addition to the tool, the operation also requires a machine that provides relative movement of the workpiece and the tool.


Our decades of experience in sheet metal processing and machine building, as well as our available technologies enable us to provide complex service and outstanding quality to our customers. Our high-performance conventional and CNC-controlled machining equipment also enable the production of high volume serial products. Our specialists have comprehensive practical knowledge in the field of machining. Through project work, they can always show their ability in challenging tasks, further expanding their knowledge. We perform turning, milling, drilling and grinding within the framework of machining.


We have conventional as well as CNC lathes. Maximum machinable part size: diameter: up to 630 mm, length up to 5000 mm.


The table size on our traditional milling machines is 400 * 1000 mm. We also have a CNC machining center with a table size of 1600 * 1000 mm.


The diameter of the part that can be machined on our cylindrical grinding machine can be 250 mm and the maximum length can be 750 mm.

The table size of our surface grinding machine is 300 * 600 mm.

Example of parts made during machining: shafts, shaft grooves, bearing housings, sprockets, pins, connecting nails, pulleys, bushings, countersinks.

We pay special attention to the quality control of machined products. Due to the peculiarities of the technology, the size tolerance of the finished parts varies within very narrow limits. Our company guarantees the high quality of the manufactured products with special measuring instruments, granite table and, if necessary, 3D CMM measurement. It is important for us to be able to fully meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

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