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On-site installation

With a team of professional constructors

Our company has successful project references in many countries around the world, making it a recognized contractor for food production lines and logistics systems.

Luckympex Kft. is represented on the domestic market with its self-designed industrial halls. Buildings with a steel frame and lightweight shell are suitable for both industrial use and storage.

Our partners use our on-site installation service for the design, manufacture and construction of more than 30,000 m2 of factory halls.

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The on-site installation process begins with the creation and / or evaluation of the installation plan. This activity requires great precision and serious expertise, possible errors in the plan can delay the successful completion of the on-site installation by weeks. Once the plan is validated, production of the machines and components will begin. Our complex quality management system and the regulation of our production processes ensures, that our colleagues always receive certain elements of the system in outstanding quality during the on-site installation.

You can read in detail about the available technologies, our machine park and our services here. Scheduled delivery of manufactured items to the site is a complex logistical challenge, as the receiving parties usually have only finite temporary storage capacity. Conditions for continuous work must be ensured, taking into account that in the event of overdelivery, the receiving party may refuse to deposit. Despite the best efforts of those performing the above-mentioned activities, unexpected situations may occur during some steps of the on-site installation porcedure.

The key to minimize these risks during the process is the appropriate composition of the project team. Our project managers have decades of professional experience in project handling, are able to make quick decisions in a dynamic environment, for which they take full responsibility in all cases. They are in constant contact with the site managers delegated by the customer and receive support from the project engineers of Luckympex Kft. Each of the team members involved in providing our on-site installation service is a recognized representative of their field of expertise, who can adapt well to the cultural and economic differences of different project locations. They know that overtime and weekend work are sometimes required to reach milestones. In the case of installation activities, daily delays can cause serious cost increases in projects.

Through its complete solutions and complex services, Luckympex is able to establish long-term business relationships with its partners. The synergy of design, manufacturing, quality assurance and installation are a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

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On-site installation