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Fast and cost effective punching

In addition to laser cutting, punching is another available sheet metal cutting technology. Punching technology in some cases results in faster and more cost-effective sheet metal processing than laser cutting.

Our company constantly strives to have all the technologies in the field of sheet metal processing in order to satisfy customer needs to the maximum and to increase our competitiveness.

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The Trumatic 5000R machine – capable of 1200 beats per minute at maximum power – is available to meet customer needs to the maximum. We are able to machine carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum sheet by punching up to a plate thickness of 8 mm. Thanks to the rotary head, it is also possible to make threaded holes in one technological step.

Punching is a separation method in which the plate is cut through with a single stroke. With each stroke, it is possible to cut out different shapes with the help of a suitable tool, so you can create different shapes in the workpiece, such as round holes and machine external contours.

Punching steel works like paper punching: the plate is between the stamp and the sticker. The stamp moves down and is immersed in the sticker. The edges of the stamp and the sticker move parallel to each other and detach the disc. Therefore, this technology belongs to the shear cutting group of machining.

The technology takes place in four phases. If the stamp touches the disc, it will be deformed first, after which the machine will cut the disc. Eventually, the stress inside the material will be so high that the plate will break off along the cutting contour. The cut-out piece of sheet metal – wich is the waste generated during punching – is thrown down by the machine to a bin. When the stamp moves up again, it may pull the sheet up as well. In this case, the scraper releases the sheet from the stamp. During sheet metal cutting, the larger the cut edge in proportion to the plate edge, the better the edge quality. (Source: trumpf.com)

Our staff and machine operators constantly check the quality of the cut. Only parts of exceptional quality can come out of our sheet metal factory.

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The process of punching