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Focus on quality management

Quality management

At our company we consider quality management system to be of paramount importance in order to be able to meet the expectations of our customers to the maximum. Quality management helps us to achieve outstanding quality, punctual work and compliance with delivery deadlines, all of them vital for our competitiveness. The management of the company is committed to ensuring a continuous, high level of quality. You can read more about our services here.

Luckympex Kft. operates in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The Certificate can be downloaded here.

Quality management in sheet metal working has key focus at Luckympex.

In the framework of quality management

  • We defined the processes required for the development and operation of the quality management system, as well as their sequence and interactions.
  • We recorded the activities affecting quality and their mutual relationship in process descriptions.
  • We take potential risks into account when developing process descriptions.
  • We continuously transfer the changes to our process descriptions in order to achieve the planned result.
  • We continuously check, monitor, analyze and -if necessary- modify our operational processes and quality system.

The following analytical methods are used in the framework of quality control

  • Ishikawa diagram to explore cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Pareto analysis to identify the main practical causes of errors.
  • Risk analysis to identify and assess potential risks.
  • FMEA method for exploring and evaluating error possibilities and error effects.

We carry out our locksmith activities in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 3834-2: 2006 standard. The certificate can be downloaded here.

As part of oru QA department, we work with 1 senior quality manager and 4 quality inspectors. We continously improve their professional knowledge through periodic trainings.

In practice, the fulfillment of the goals set by quality managers are examined -among other things- in the framework of quality control. After each technological operation, we carry out in-process and final inspections, resulting in impeccable quality. Our goal is to ensure that a defective product does not leave our company. In the event of the production of scrap or defective products, we prepare a non-conformity report and an action plan. After the implementation of corrective action we also check and validate the improvement mad on our processes.

Our employees use calibrated measuring instruments in their quality control activities, such as:

  • calipers
  • tape measure
  • micrometers
  • belt tension meters
  • torque wrenches
  • pitch-gauges
  • right angles
  • plug-gauges
  • measuring tables
  • protractors
  • CMM tools. etc.
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Quality management