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    Bead blasting: an alternative solution for surface treatment.

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Bead blasting

Cleaning and surface treatment in one step

In addition to professional powder coating and industrial wet painting, our available surface treatment technologies also include bead blasting as an alternative.

In the process, the parts are given a silky, homogeneous surface. It eliminates minor defects, scratches and traces of machining. Bead blasting is also available as surface treatment of products and components made of stainless steel.

Material used: White, pH neutral 40-70 micron micro spherical glass bead. Due to its shape, it does not damage the treated surface, it only removes dirt. Insoluble in water, does not contain heavy metals or toxic substances. Hardness MOHS 6.

As the glass does not react chemically with other materials, it does not cause corrosion or foreign metal deposits on the treated surface, making it an ideal blasting material for stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous and precious metals. For ferrous materials, we recommend sand blasting. Sand blasting is a more harsh method of removing corrosion build-up and dirt from ferrrous surfaces. After the cleaning process, som kind of surface treatment is mandatory, to prevent future corrosion.

Bead blasting is the most effective method of surface preparation in case of coating preparation (eg painting, powder coating), as it removes dirt adhering to the surface, old coatings (paint, zinc), rust with sufficient efficiency. It also provides the surface roughness required for new coatings to adhere properly.

The size of our blasting room is: 6000 * 4300 * 2500 mm.

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Bead blasting