Company history

Luckympex Kft.

30 years of company history in high quality sheet metal working.

Luckympex Kft. was established in 1989 as a private company. In the beginning of our company history, we produced measuring instruments for Hungarian electricity suppliers.

The scope of activity was expanded in 1994 with the electric assembly of control cabinets through a business relationship with a German electronics company. The number of assembled cabinets has grown rapidly, exceeding 800 per year in a short time. The resulting capital reserve was used by the CEO to launch the metalworking business. Thanks to the newly developed machine park – among other locksmith works – the possibility of manufacturing the frame structure of control cabinets has arisen. The locksmith industry started to develop rapidly, our company has won the production of more and more types, we also have our own products together with the customer.

The year 2003 brought another turn, our customer base expanded with a company active in the field of tobacco industry machines. Initially, we manufactured some elements of less complex  equipment in a painted design. From year to year, the company used the profit from this business to make further developments, which first resulted in the production and electrical installation of complete equipment, and later in project-level cooperation with the customer.

Due to the expansion of our scope of activities, we also decided to introduce the MSZ EN ISO 9001 standard in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. You can read more about our quality management activities here.

Thanks to continuous infrastructural developments, we have gained significant experience in the field of light-metal-structured, sandwich-panel covered factory halls. It therefore seemed obvious to launch a business for the production of hall frame structures based on the existing machinery. Starting from 2008, we have built more than 25,000 square meters of metal-structured factory halls with  different floor heights.

In 2014, the count of our strategic partners increased further. Our product portfolio has expanded with the production of logistics systems. In recent years, we have gained significant experience in the field of series production of medium-sized (100-5000 pcs) standardized machines.

Luckympex Kft is currently able to perform all phases of metalworking, be it stainless or carbon steel, on a production area of ​​more than 14,000 m2. Our technologies include, among others: laser cutting, punching, edge bending, welding with MÍG, MAG and TIG (with X-ray certification), machining, various surface treatment processes: industrial wet painting, powder coating, bead blasting, mechanical assembly, control cabinet assembly, gasketing and on-site installation.

Thanks to our excellent audit results, we have the highest supplier rating at our customers. The company’s sales revenue in 2019 exceeded HUF 3 billion.

You can see our services in the field of complex sheet metal processing here.