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Mechanical assembly

Professional mechanical assembly without compromise

Luckympex Kft. Has a decades-long history in the field of complex sheet metal processing and machine manufacturing. Today, our company has become an audited supplier of several large Western European companies. In the framework of co-operation we perform -among other things- the mechanical assembly of the parts and complete machines manufactured by us.

In line with the growth of our order volume and the needs of our customers, in order to ensure professional quality, we assemble and pack our products in a newly built 5200 m² assembly hall equipped with four 5-ton bridge cranes. As a result of this significant development, we are able to Perform mechanical assembly and pack the manufactured machines and components efficiently, precisely and quickly in accordance with customer specifications. This considerable capacity makes it possible to assemble medium- and large-series machines in addition to individual equipment. We produce and assemble more than 10,000 pcs / year of assembled machine parts, and 1,000 pcs of complete machines per year.

Mechanical assembly without compromise. Project driven cooperation.

In addition to mechanical assembly processes, we also perform electrical assembly on the machines we manufacture.

Our engineers check the drawing documentation received from our customers in all cases, and review it in terms of manufacturability and installability. In the entire production process, product identification and tracking are ensured in accordance with our ISO regulations. Mechanical assembly requires great expertise and precision. The decades of experience of our highly qualified assembly staff is the guarantee that the machines and parts are assembled in accordance with the drawing documentation, and the customer’s expectations. We ensure the speed and high quality of mechanical assembly in a factory equipped with professional hand tools and measuring tools. Logistics is carried out with manual and fork lifting machines. In addition, a new PEMSerter Series 2000 Type A press was purchased to expand our assembly capacity for press nuts and bolts.

As part of quality control, our employees check the quality and conformity of the mechanical assembly in- process and during the final inspection. According to the needs of our customers, we also prepare special test documents -or if necessary- individual inspection reports.

After the assembly and quality control, the finished product is packed in the assembly plant according to the customer’s specifications. If we do not get any packing instruction we pack the products to ensure that the product is undamaged and transportable. At the request of the customer, we also organize the delivery of finished parts and products.

To be able to provide turn-key solutions, our company can offer you on-site installation of machines.

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Mechanical assembly