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Laser cutting is the first stage of complex sheet metal working. Our company has a modern, reliable machine park, and with our available laser cutting machines we can satisfy a wide range of customer needs. We can constantly ensure the high technical standard and operability of our machines in the framework of continuous service and planned preventive maintenance. The quality of our laser cutting service is also guaranteed by the decades of experience of our highly trained specialists. With their expertise, the amount of waste generated during cutting can be further optimized.

Our company strives to keep pace with the rapid technological development in machine manufacturing, which is why we are constantly developing our lasering  machine park.

Laser cutting in Hungary: high tech fiber technology and professionalism.

To ensure fast, cost-effective production and operation, a complex sheet metal processing plant was established, which incorporates our lasering, punching and bending machine park. In this way, we can ensure the synergy of two consecutive technology operations, the internal logistics time and cost are being reduced during the production of the parts. That results in further reduction of lead times and rationalisation of production costs. In this way, we can ensure the principle of cost-effective operation during laser cutting, as well as provide competitive prices to satisfy of our customers.

During laser cutting, the quality of the parts is constantly inspected by our quality control department. You can read more about our quality management system here. Our products undergo in-process and final inspections, thus guaranteeing that all our customers receive a flawless product impeccable quality.

Our laser cutting department consists of the following machines:
Trumpf Trumatic L4030 (3 KW)
Trumpf Trumatic L4030 (4 KW)
Trumpf Trulaser 3030 L49 fiber (4KW)

The CO2 laser is a well-proven industrial laser, durable and robust. With its cutting edges, high quality can be achieved, with which in most cases no post-processing is required.

Trumpf Trulaser 3030 L49 fiber (4KW)

Solid state laser is a state-of-the-art technology for sheet metal lasering. It allows machining up to 10% faster than conventional cutting machines. It ensures excellent workpiece quality, as well as ensures perfect edges, thus facilitating the removal of workpieces. It is not necessary to grind or deburr the edges after cutting with fiber technology.

During sheet metal working we can undertake the machining of the following plate sizes and material qualities:

Maximum size of the machinable plate 2000*4000 mm

Machinable plate thicknesses
Carbon steel up to 20 mm
Stainless steel up to 12 mm
Aluminum up to 8 mm


In addition to our laser machine park, we also have a punching machine. Punching technology in some cases results in faster and more cost-effective sheet metal processing than laser cutting.

You can read more about this by clicking on the link below.


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