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Powder coating

State of the art powder coating center

Our company also has its own powder coating plant, which gives us the opportunity to provide complex metalworking services, where our customers can entrust their products to us, from the technical preparation to the surface treatment and assembly.

After the proper preparation and cleaning of the parts – to which we always pay great attention – we perform the surface treatment of the parts in our modern powder coating plant. The high level of preparedness and expertise of our employees is the guarantee of outstanding quality. We use state-of-the-art GEMA coating guns.

Powder coating line with conveyor automation in Hungary.

During coating we continuously check the layer thickness and quality aspects specified by the customer. Only products coated in flawless quality can leave our factory.

Maximum object dimensions of workpieces are as follows: 5500*1200*2400 mm.

In order to continuously improve our technology and serve our increased demand from our customers, we will launch an automatic powder coating plant in 2020. The automatic conveyor system plant represents a professional technology that allows us to provide consistent and outstanding quality to our customers in larger quantities.

During the coating process, the RAL scale is usually used, but individual colors or other color scales can be used if required. The most commonly used colors are RAL 7001, RAL 7016, RAL, 7035 and RAL 9005.

We use the best quality powder coat brands (TIGER, IGP, AXALTA) in order to fully meet customer needs and ensure perfect quality surface finish.

During coating process a colored plastic powder-based paint is applied to a given surface using an electrostatic spray gun, so that the plastic powder paint adheres to the metal surface and is then melted in an oven at 160 to 200 degrees Celsius. The resulting surface is extremely durable, flexible and heat resistant.

Advantages of powder coating

  • no solvent use
  • the spraying process is a closed technology, no harmful emissions
  • cheaper than solvent based painting
  • large surfaces can be coated quickly, no drying time, can be used immediately
  • resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions

Our staff with decades of experience can provide professional advice on the optimal surface treatment of a given product or sheet metal component, be it coating, bead blasting or solvent painting.

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