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Luckympex Kft. Has been present on the market for three decades, and with its constantly expanding range of activities, it has become a medium-sized company that can perform all machining processes in the field of sheet metal processing, from laser cutting to foam sealing and painting to mechanical and electronic assembly. You can also read about our available services, the available machine park and our capacity separately.

Take a look at our high quality professional metalworking and sheet metal working services. Contact us with confidence, we offer a solution for everything.

In order to ensure the impeccable quality of our services, we are constantly developing our quality management system, and our company operates in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. We place great emphasis on measuring and developing our processes in order to meet the needs of our customers in high quality.

In the framework of quality management, we use several analytical methods in order to explore the errors and their causal relationships, and to implement corrective measures if necessary.

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The common features of our services are flexibility and high quality.


For us, customer satisfaction is paramount.


Innovation and performance.


Is given to transparency and commitment.

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The entire activity of the company, and within this our services, is basically determined by the customer focus, therefore we do everything to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. It is our belief that in the current situation, the main pillar of our competitiveness is to adapt to customer needs and market changes and to be flexible so that we can ensure outstanding quality in all circumstances.

The management of the company considers innovation important in order to maintain our competitive advantage, therefore we are constantly developing our manufacturing technology, which has an impact on performance, quality and cost efficiency. In this way, customer satisfaction can be achieved at a higher level, at competitive prices.

In addition, transparency and commitment play a key role in the company’s operations. We are also committed to protecting our customers, nature, sustainability, fair business conduct and, last but not least, the livelihoods of our employees.